Paper Awards

The ISDRS 2016 scientific committee, through the evaluation of senior scholars, will award a prize to the three best full papers. Additionally, the corresponding authors of the Best Papers will be invited to publish in the journals associated to the conference (after paper's submission and peer reviewing process according to the journal requirements).

The selection committee will announce the papers awarded during the conference dinner.

The objective of the Best Papers competition is:

  • To encourage the conference participants to submit full papers of high quality
  • To disseminate high-quality ISDRS conference papers

An author can be awarded only one time, regardless the number of papers she or he presented and the different positions occupied in the author's list. Papers will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to current debates on the conference topics
  • Clarity and robustness of the research argument(s)
  • Originality of the approach and ideas presented
  • Adequability and accuracy of the research methods
  • Clearness of expression and quality of presentation
  • Value added to scientific knowledge