Themes and Tracks

The conference is organised around the ISDRS core themes and tracks. Special tracks are added specifically for the theme of the 22nd ISDRS conference: Rethinking Sustainability Models and Practices: Challenges for the New and Old World Contexts.


Special tracks for the 22nd ISDRS Conference

A. Adaptive Sustainability Policies and Models in Changing Contexts

B. Oceans and Marine Sustainability: Innovation and Management

C. Sustainability Knowledge Sharing: From Individuals to Countries

D. African Perspectives on the Old and New World Challenges for Sustainable Development


ISDRS core themes and tracks

1. Sustainable Development Science

1a. Sustainable Development Science: Fundamental Concepts

1b. Sustainability Assessment and Indicators

1c. Role of Academia


2. Ecosystem Pressures and Limits

2a. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Challenges

2b. Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

2c. Resource Exhaustion


3. Climate Change and Energy

3a. Climate Change: Predicting Impacts

3b. Mitigating Climate Change: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

3c. Climate Change Adaptation Strategies


4. Sustainable Land Use and Sustainable Cities

4a. Sustainable Land Use Policy/Planning to Manage Land Competition

4b. Sustainable Cities and Regions


5. Corporate Sustainability and Innovation

5a. Corporate Sustainability Management

5b. Corporate Social Investments

5c. Sustainability Transitions, Innovation Systems and Social Inclusion

5d. Design for Sustainability

5e. Circular Economy and Industrial Ecology

5f. Sustainable Supply Chains and International Trade


6. Society and Sustainability

6a. Global Equity

6b. Ethics and Environmental Justice

6c. Social Sustainability: Impacts, Threats and Opportunities

6d. Lifestyles and Consumer Behavior


7. Institutions and Governance Structures for SD

7a. Local and Regional Governance

7b. Global Governance

7c. Advocacy and Public Participation

7d. Rethinking the Fundamentals of Economic Systems

7e. Legal Aspects of Sustainability