Sustainability@ISDRS 2016

International scientific conferences are an important place of debate and meeting within academia. These conferences are usually associated with significant social, economic and environmental impacts, which are related to the organisation of the event itself and travelling of participants from all continents to a specific place.

The Organising Committee of the ISDRS conference 2016 developed a sustainability strategy for this event called Sustainability@ISDRS2016.

The main goals of the sustainability strategy are

  • (i) to clarify priorities and create a simple yet effective integrated roadmap to sustainability practices;
  • (ii) to guide and engage stakeholders, such as participants, staff and contracted services, and
  • (iii) to continue creating know-how on sustainability management for future ISDRS conferences.

The development process of Sustainability@ISDRS2016 can be divided in five stages: (i) creating a Sustainability Policy; (ii) identifying the potential impacts of the event; (iii) developing practices/measures to monitor and mitigate potential impacts; (iv) creating guidelines to implement the strategy; and (v) putting into practice a monitoring and reporting scheme.

The main outcomes of the strategy were:

  • Three guidance documents: Sustainability for participants, Sustainability for catering; and the full version of the strategy Sustainability@ISDRS2016.
  • Training sessions focused on the sustainability strategy, to keep stakeholders engaged and oriented, namely the organising committee and volunteers.
  • Negotiation meetings with suppliers and sponsors, so that these stakeholders also contribute to the implementation of the strategy;
  • Communication procedure to disseminate the sustainability information (principles and practices) during the conference cycle before, during and after the event (e.g. sending information previously to all participants; communication in the venue; including this info in the conference communication material).

Sustainability Policy

The Organizing Committee of the 22nd Annual Conference of the International Sustainable Development Research Society, ISDRS 2016, is committed to adopt and promote sustainable practices in the event planning and management, including the post-event activities.

Sustainability@ISDRS2016 is based on three fundamental principles: inclusiveness, transparency and integrity. The main stakeholders, such as suppliers, participants, conference committees, track chairs, volunteers and the local community, are involved in the decision-making process and their views taken into account. Transparent information and communication is a priority, and the necessary measures are taken in order to assure clear and timely transmission to stakeholders. The necessary channels for stakeholders to express their opinion are in place. We aim to assure the efficient management of natural resources and proper waste management, increase stakeholders awareness and satisfaction, promote the local economy, integrating sustainability criteria in all stages of conference planning, including the procurement of goods and services, respecting environmental principles, integrity and social justice.

By setting up a sustainability policy, we also aim to leave a lasting positive legacy for future ISDRS conferences through the building up of know-how for effective implementation of sustainability principles and practices.

The conference sustainability strategy is operationalized through the "Sustainability Management Program".

Sustainability Management Program

We are counting on you to make this event more sustainable! We would appreciate if you could take into consideration the following guidelines for participants to help minimising the impact of the event. We also invite you to notice the signs at the conference venues that will alert you to some sustainability measures.

Sustainability Management Programme

Feel free to email us with your suggestions for the sustainability of the event! We are counting on your opinion to make everyone’s experience better! Please send the suggestions to Make sure the subject is [sustainable event suggestions].

Thank you so much for your participation!